About Us

Why 35?

Not only a common number found in everyday life, the number 35 is one the designer corresponds to his grandfather who passed away his sophomore year. The only grandfather he knew growing up and one of his favorite people in general, he made the 35 rose logo in honor of him. A rose with the number 35 centered, the logo is always placed on the left breast, side closest to the heart, as a representation to his grandfather that he will always be in his heart, and now in yours as well.


What makes Success 35 different?

Our ideology is to be more than just apparel; we wish to be a movement. Our motto "A clothing line made by a college student, made for all students" extends beyond clothes, into the classroom. With a portion of the profit produced, our initiative is to provide scholarship opportunities to struggling students, raise awareness for those in poverty stricken areas, and give back to our community. From the money raised through sales, we can achieve our goal of giving back to students and our community. Find more information on 35+

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