What is 35+

35+ is what separates Success 35 from other start up clothing brands. At the end of the day, our main goal is to of course create a profit, but with this profit we strive to also create opportunity for others. Whether it be through donations and/or scholarships, Success 35 is on a mission to give back.

Success 35 wants to remind everyone whether old or young, that you are successful in your own way. Whether not 35 yet, 35, or way past that age, you in your own way are successful; your existence is success

The 35 Initiative

The 35 Initiative is our goal to give back. Like our motto states, this is a clothing line made by a college student, for all students. No matter the level of education, a student understands what it means to struggle: whether socially, academically, at home, or financially, one will struggle with some aspect of life. That being said, with your contribution to our business, you can help provide scholarship and donation opportunities to students around the world. Whether it be paying for the books of a college student, giving a substantial donation to a school, or relieving the food bill for children in a impoverished neighborhood, our goal is to alleviate this struggle any way we can.

How can I help?

Unlike organizations which ask for monthly donations (I mean if you want to give monthly donations that's cool, don't be afraid to shoot us an email so we can set that up) we only ask that you purchase something from our store. Whether it be something as minuscule as a coffee mug, or as large as a whole collection, your contribution helps. Even if you're like "Ya know, these clothes are kinda ugly, I'm not gonna buy anything", do take the time to spread the word about Success 35 and our mission. Whether it be a post on social media, a text to a friend, an email to a lover, or just passing by, make sure to spread the word of Success 35; get people talking about it. Because when people talk, work is done, and dreams are accomplished.

Considering we are just starting out, our business is small. Currently all we have is a dream to give back, but like all great things, it will take time (and money). Be patient, stay up to date with information and newsletters, and we surely will become the empire we are destined to be. Thank you and have a great day.
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